People and Projects
helps you effectively
manage your contacts,
track and close sales,
manage projects,
and satisfy customers
as a team.

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Discover the Joy of Running Your Small Service Team or Professional Consultancy with Simplicity

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However, the app can be played online right now on your mobile browser.

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This app is evolving rapidly.
There are lots of features being finished and bugs that are being fixed all of the time.
If you want to report your experiences, contact us at

It's like a mini-CRM (customer relationship management),
sales force management, project management,
and customer support management (trouble ticket system)
all in one

This app was created for the small service company or team
that thinks they need, but they just can't bear the thought of the complexity or expense.
Instead, they want something simple, intuitive, integrated, and cost-effective,
that unifies them as a team merely because they each have a phone.

Feature lists and screen shots coming soon.

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