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Promote P5EEx::Blue to P5EE namespace

Move the P5EEx::Blue code base to the P5EE namespace.
RN +1 GM -0 LB -1 CS +1 NH +1 JM +1 JD -1 PM +1 RNG -0 CW +1 JA +1 WS -1 AJ +1

Extensions to Environment

Change last E on P5EE from Extensions to Environment.
GR +1 GB +1 PK +1 SP +1 BM +1 SPA +0 RI -0 AJ +1 JPT +1 DK +1


We don't yet have qualifications for voting besides that you are on the list and send an e-mail with your vote. At this time, no additional request needs to be made to be added to this list. Just cast a vote the next time a vote comes up and you will be added.

Initials Name
ABH Ask Bjoern Hansen
AJ Aaron Johnson
BM Brian Moseley
CW Chris Winters
CS Craig Steffler
DH Dave Hodgkinson
DK Dan Kubb
DR Dave Rolsky
DS Daniel Sully
GB Gunther Birznieks
GM Greg McCarroll
GR Gerald Richter
JD James Duncan
JPT James Tillman
JM Jason May
JA Jeff Anderson
JN John Napiorkowski
LB Leon Brocard
MS Matt Sergeant
NT Nathan Torkington
NH Nigel Hamilton
PK Paul Kulchenko
PH Perrin Harkins
PM Peter Masiar
RNG Raul Nohea Goodness
RB Robin Berjon
RI Rafiq Ismail
RN Rob Nagler
SP Steven Pitchford
SPA Stephen Adkins
WS Wes Sheldahl