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As a project in itself, the P5EE Project is completed (or possibly dormant). The conclusions are these: The rest of this website may be written as though the project is still active, but I rarely update it any more.

If there is anyone interested in downloading, installing, and configuring this for use, I (Stephen Adkins) will be happy to work with you and get feedback via the mailing list.
Ultimately, I hope to get developers interested in commenting on the architecture and contributing to the development.
The P5EEx::Blue area is prototype/proposal code for becoming the P5EE framework.

As for other prototypes/proposals for P5EE, individual developers may request a P5EEx::* experimental area to prototype and demonstrate some code and ideas.
Code will only be promoted to the P5EE namespace when it has been demonstrated in a P5EEx::* namespace and gained acceptance by the group.
You can see the CVS activity here.
Therefore, no code is currently in the P5EE namespace.
P5EEx::Blue is in early alpha state (see the Demos page), but who knows when it will mature or whether it will win any acceptance?
See the organization page for more details.

See the following links for historical descriptions of the development process.