P5EEx::Blue::Widget::HTML::Template - An HTML widget built from a template, rendered by a TemplateEngine


   use P5EEx::Blue::Widget::HTML::Template;


  templateEngine  - The name of the TemplateEngine service that will do the
                    rendering. If not given, the name "default" will be used.
  templateName    - The name of the template that should be rendered.
                    If not given, the widget name is changed to a template
                    name by changing dots (".") to slashes ("/") and
                    appending ".html".

Public Methods


    * Signature: $html = $w->html();
    * Param:  void
    * Return: $html        text
    * Throws: P5EE::Blue::Exception
    * Since:  0.01
    Sample Usage:
    print $w->html();

The html() method returns the HTML output of the Template as rendered through its TemplateEngine.

Note: By using the P5EEx::Blue::Widget::HTML::Template, the developer or deployer is guaranteeing that the output of the template will be valid HTML. If this is not the case, perhaps the P5EEx::Blue::Widget::Template is the correct widget class to use instead.