P5EEx::Blue::Config::File - Load and access configuration data


   use P5EEx::Blue::Config;
   $config = P5EEx::Blue::Config->new();
   $config = P5EEx::Blue::Config->new(configFile => $file);
   print $config->dump(), "\n";       # use Data::Dumper to spit out the Perl representation
   # accessors
   $property_value = $config->get($property_name);
   $branch = $config->get_branch($branch_name);  # get hashref of properties
   # on-demand loading helper methods (private methods)
   $config->overlay($config2);        # merge the two config structures using overlay rules
   $config->overlay($config1, $config2);  # merge $config2 onto $config1
   $config->graft($branch_name, $config2);  # graft new config structure onto branch
   # By convention, the configurations for each P5EE service will be located
   # two levels under the hash ref as shown.
   $config->{Config}            # config settings for all Config services
   $config->{Config}{default}   # config settings for the default Config service
   $config->{Security}          # config settings for all Security services
   $config->{Security}{default} # config settings for the default Security service
   $config->{Template}{tt}      # config settings for the Template service named "tt"
   # The default driver (if "configClass" not supplied) reads in a Perl
   # data structure from the file.  Alternate drivers can read a Storable,
   # unvalidated XML, DTD-validated XML, RDF-validated XML, or any other
   # file format or data source anyone cares to write a driver for.
   $conf = {
     'Standard' => {
       'Log-Dispatch' => {
         'logdir' => '/var/p5ee',
     'Authen' => {
       'passwd' => '/etc/passwd',
       'seed' => '303292',
   # A comparable unvalidating XML file would look like this.
       <Log-Dispatch logdir="/var/p5ee"/>
     <Authen passwd="/etc/passwd" seed="303292"/>
   # A comparable ini file (.ini) would look like this.
   logdir = /var/p5ee
   passwd = /etc/passwd
   seed = 303292
   # A comparable Java properties-like file would look like this.
   Standard.Log-Dispatch.logdir = /var/p5ee
   Authen.passwd = /etc/passwd
   Authen.seed = 303292


P5EEx::Blue::Config::File is the class which represents configuration data in a file. The type of Serializer used to deserialize the data is determined by the extension on the file name and contents of the beginning of the file.

Class: P5EEx::Blue::Config::File

 * Throws: P5EEx::Blue::Exception::Config
 * Since:  0.01


The P5EEx::Blue::Config::File class extends the P5EEx::Blue::Config class, overriding the create() method.

Constructor Methods:


The constructor is inherited from P5EEx::Blue::Config.

Public Methods:


The constructor is inherited from P5EEx::Blue::Reference.


The constructor is inherited from P5EEx::Blue::Reference.


The constructor is inherited from P5EEx::Blue::Reference.

Protected Methods:

The following methods are intended to be called by subclasses of the current class.


    * Signature: $config_data = $config->create($named);
    * Param:     void
    * Param:     configFile     string
    * Return:    $config_data   {}
    * Throws:    P5EEx::Blue::Exception::Config
    * Since:     0.01
    Sample Usage:
    $config_data = $config->create();
    $config_data = $config->create(
        configFile => "config.xml",

This method overrides the default create() method for a Reference.


 * Author:  Stephen Adkins <stephen.adkins@officevision.com>
 * License: This is free software. It is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.


P5EEx::Blue::P5EE, P5EEx::Blue::Context, P5EEx::Blue::Reference, P5EEx::Blue::Config