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J2EE sees the following technologies and techniques as important to account for in Enterprise Software. The packages in square brackets ([]) are not formally part of J2EE, but they are frequently used in conjunction with it or are being considered for inclusion in future specifications.
Technology/Technique Examples Packages/Modules
Web Server Extension   Servlets (Java Servlets)
Template System   JSP (Java Server Pages)
Data Persistence   EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)
[Castor] (a Java object-relational mapping tool)
[JAWS] (Just Another Web Storage, JBoss's O/R mapping tool)
RDBMS Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, ... JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
[SQLJ] (Java embedded SQL) (reference)
[JDO] (Java Data Objects)
Security   JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Services)
[JCE] (Java Cryptography Extension)
[JSSE] (Java Secure Socket Extension)
Network Protocols HTTP, HTTPS  
Transactions   JTA (Java Transaction API)
JTS (Java Transaction Service)
Remote Procedures RMI-JRMP, RMI-IIOP/CORBA RMI-IIOP/JavaIDL (Java Interface Definition Language)
Asynchronous Messaging IBM MQ Series JMS (Java Messaging Service)
Directory Services LDAP, DNS, ... JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)
Mail Services IMAP, POP3, SMTP, MIME, ... JavaMail (Java Mail)
Language Introspection (runtime binding)   JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework)
XML Deployment Descriptors JAXP (Java API for XML Parsing)
External Interfaces (to legacy systems)   Connector (J2EE Connector Architecture)
J2EE SPI (Service Provider Interface)
Web Services XML-RPC [JAXM] (Java API for XML Messaging)
[JAXR] (Java API for XML Registries)
[JAXB] (Java API for XML Binding)
[JAX-RPC] (Java API for XML RPC)
User Interface Widgets   [Applets] (Java Applets)
[AWT] (Java Abstract Window Toolkit)
[JFC/Swing] (Java Foundation Classes)
Application Management   [JMX] (Java Management Extension)
.war (Web Application Archive)
[JNLP] (Java Network Launch Protocol, i.e. Java Web Start)
Logging and Auditing   [Log4J] (Logging for Java)



Architecture (Processes)

Architecture (Layers)

Architecture (Systems)

The following are examples given by BEA Weblogic for deploying their J2EE servers in a clustered environment.

Small Cluster

Cluster with Web Server Tier

Cluster with Separate Servlet and EJB Tiers

Internet-Serving Cluster