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  1. What qualifies as an enterprise system? - See http://www.officevision.com/pub/p5ee/definitions.html.
  2. When should I not design for an enterprise system? -
  3. Why should we develop an enterprise system in perl ? Advantages / disadvantages of it over other systems. (considering rapid development, flexibility, performance, scalability, fault tolerance, etc.) -
    It's important to understand the current niche (or "sweet spot") of a language, its tools, and its community. This is not to say that these languages can not be used outside of their current niche.
    Perl is a great language with every bit as much capability as Java and many features I prefer.
    A truly enterprise-worthy language needs language capabilities, framework/platform/tool support, and a supporting community.
    The reason that I wanted to start the P5EE project was to work on the framework/platform/tool support and the supporting community (including the pool of available developers).
    Java is the (non-Microsoft) corporate world's choice for enterprise system development.
    The only reason to choose perl is if you have a good answer for the framework/platform/tool and community issues.
  4. Design considerations (what, how and why) when building up an enterprise system
  5. Service oriented Architectures, why, how, when and when not -
  6. Different approaches (your experience) in identifying bottlenecks in an application -
  7. Different approaches to caching for an application -
  8. Different approaches to reduce the memory footprint of an application (say a file parser), Trade offs -
  9. Regex optimization, techniques, debugging approaches -
  10. Philosophy of Perl 6 - I can't say this much more elegantly than has already been done. My opinions and predictions about Perl 6 are these.