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This demos page is very new.
It only contains demos of the P5EEx::Blue prototype software.
Currently, the demos point at the development area, so they may be broken at any time.
Soon, I will begin versioning them, so that demos will be stable.
Most of what you see is the Widget portion of P5EE, but the whole stack of P5EE services is used.

Version Demos Features
P5EEx-Blue-0.01 Sample Template (builtin)
This shows the use of a Template (P5EEx::Blue::Widget::HTML::Template) within the Widget system (i.e. the template is simply a widget). Here, the TemplateEngine is the simple, built-in TemplateEngine (P5EEx::Blue::TemplateEngine). The template used to generate it is here.
P5EEx-Blue-0.01 Screen Selector
Data Table
Tree View
To show that Widgets are really things that have life in themselves, at left are three URL's to Widgets which are internal to the demo described below.
P5EEx-Blue-0.01 Reporting Illustrates the integration of most core P5EE services: Context, Config, Session, Widget, Repository.
Demonstrates that the P5EEx::Blue framework is useful now for highly-configurable read-only reporting uses and simple read/write data maintenance uses.
  • Demonstrates the AppFrame, SelectorView, DataTable, and TreeView widgets (and a variety of trivial HTML widgets like TextField, ImageButton, CheckBox, etc.).
  • Runs as a CGI against a MySQL database (used gzipped encoding for quicker data transfer times)
  • The 5 bars of the SelectorView depict the 5 envisioned areas of the reporting application. However, the labeling of the icons is not yet worked out, so the existing labels are nonsensical.
  • The first screen-selector-icon brings up a DataTable, viewing and editing the "person" table
  • Every other screen-selector-icon brings up a small, demo TreeView widget which does nothing.
  • All user interface widgets could be embedded in templates based on other template systems (Template Toolkit, etc.)
  • DataTable widget demonstrates the Widget framework's ability to create complex, compound widgets out of many sub-widgets.
  • Depending on how the DataTable is configured, it may behave more like a read-only canned report, a flexible reporting tool, or a data maintenance screen.
  • Editing now works but "Delete" and "Add" are not yet implemented. (4/5/2002)