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The applications described here are sample application ideas which might be written for demonstration of a P5EE implementation. They are intended to be:

General Purpose Reporting and Data Maintenance

Concept: Install it and your database instantly/automagically becomes accessible (visible and editable) to anyone with a browser (with proper security of course). Complex reporting capabilities can be enabled with a little configuration.

P5EE Network Management System (NMS)

Concept: The NMS would be useful to monitor and administer a network. This application would be a good one to start with because it stresses many systems, disparate data sources, etc. This is a typical enterprise problem. It also would have to have bullet-proof security.

The following may be relevant reference.

Mail Center

Concept: Combines web-mail (i.e. Hotmail) application and mailing list / discussion group application.

Java Pet Store Clone

Concept: A pet store application that implements all of the stuff in the J2EE Pet Store Sample Application, but does it (of course) in Perl.

Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) System

Concept: A company can issue and manage its own digital certificates.

Product and Service Customer Interface (PSCI)

Concept: The PSCI allows a firm's customers to request and pay for products and services. They can access a product/service catalog (shopping cart metaphor) and order items. Charges may be added to a customer's account by the firm such as when it provides a requested service. Customers can also check their accounts (detailed, itemized, electronic bill) and settle them (credit card processing). If there are questions on the bill, the customer can post them and the firm can post responses.

The following modules are identified.

The fact that this application handles money and financial transactions should stress the security requirement pretty well.